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Goodwill Employee Shaves Head for Million $ Bet

When Shane Warren makes a bet, he has not only proven he is a man of his word, but his bet is worth a million dollars!  Shane is Goodwill Industries of East Texas’ Commercial Services Division Costing Specialist. He currently puts together accurate and timely pricing for various manufacturing jobs performed at the new Commercial Services Division (formerly known as Opportunities in Tyler). At the beginning of 2010, Shane made a bet that if the Commercial Services Division reached a $1million sales goal, then he would shave his long, flowing hair which he had lovingly been growing for the last 11 years.  With mixed emotions,  unfortunately, the Goodwill Division did not reach that goal in 2010.  So Shane thought he could safely repeat the bet for 2011!  Not really too concerned, he continued to enjoy his long hair and working his spreadsheet analysis.  But by the end of the summer, Shane began to be teased about losing those long locks of love.  Commercial Services was getting closer and closer to the million $ mark and by October of 2011, they had reached the coveted goal! The preparations for planning the “haircutting event” began.

Shane is no stranger to challenges. He was born in Tyler, TX with complications at birth resulting in a cracked skull and a diagnosis of  Cerebral Palsy.  His family was told that he would never be able to speak or walk. Shane’s mother rejected any ideas of his limitations and was determined that Shane would overcome his disabilities and lead a meaningful life. She presented him with all the possibilities of what he COULD accomplish and he continues that philosophy today.  At the age of 21, Shane came to Goodwill Industries of East Texas to receive job placement services through the Department of  Rehabilitative Services (DARS).  He was hired as a Data Entry clerk, by a local company, for 2 years until they went out of business.While still needing and receiving additional surgeries, Shane began working for Goodwill Industries in 1996 as a shoe sorter and then was promoted to the Career and Counseling Services Division as a Vocational Evaluation Aide. He was successful in that position for 2 1/2 years, was promoted again to a Work Adjustment Trainer position where he trained disabled individuals to obtain the necessary skills to gain meaningful employment in the public workforce.  Always hungry to learn more and heeding his mother’s advice, Shane said he constantly “picked people’s brains” about computers, software, and math. His quest for knowledge led to his promotion to the Goodwill Commercial Services Division position of a trainer for their 14c population.  These are individuals who are severely disabled, require close supervision and would find it difficult to obtain work in the general population.

The young boy who was not allowed to attend “normal” math classes and whose mother was told at his birth that his intellectual abilities were in question, now analyzes, researches, submits pricing and timed studies as well as creates the scope and sequences of work for submission to the State to bid for the manufacturing jobs of Goodwill’s 14c population. He also maintains his role as supervisor, actively assisting in creating reasonable goals and expectations for each individual.  Shane’s high standards that he sets for himself translates into the accomplishments of others.  He continues to deal with his health issues, but is patient, kind, generous and a role model for all those who know him.

While years ago he tragically lost his beloved mother, Shane’s wife, Michelle, stands by him and with him as he proudly goes to work daily. Now, his shorter “hairdo” provides a constant reminder to those around him that goals and challenges can not only be accomplished but are what makes each day joyful and special.  Oh, and Shane believes that watching the Dallas Cowboys play doesn’t hurt either!

Thanks, Shane…for the inspiration and the success of  Goodwill’s Commercial Services Division, and for being such a sport about losing those 12 years of long locks!

See Shane’s Celebration and Haircut on YouTube: Goodwill Employee Loses $Million Bet and Shaves Head



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