2018 Volunteer Board Leader of the Year Nominee

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2018 Volunteer Board Leader of the Year Nominee

Mr. Paul Joesphson 2018 Vice Chair

From the beginning of his tenure, he led the way on growing mission and revenue in the organization. Most recently, in 2015 he was the first board member to support the organization’s first fundraising campaign in 30 years. He continues to be a major donor. He supports the organization in at store openings and at events, such the most recent 2017 Goodwill of East Texas Spring Fashion Show.

Mr. Josephson’s professional background in the manufacturing field and his expertise in manufacturing processes have had an added advantage in establishing the Commercial Services Division of Goodwill Industries of East Texas. He began his career in the industrial field in 1999, working for General Electric, the American Standard, and finally Ingersoll-Rand Trane (the manufacturing of heating and cooling systems).

Additionally, he has served in every Officer position of the board over during the course of his 9 years of service. He was a major player in Goodwill of East Texas’ struggling years when the economy dipped and the Goodwill Board of Directors had to make the hard decision of laying off staff to remain solvent.He said he never wants the organization to be faced with decisions like that again so he is diligent in monitoring monthly financials and reminding Board members of the organization’s responsibilities to be a good steward of its resources and not overextend itself too quickly. He devotes his time and talents to Goodwill Industries of East Texas and thus has an excellent attendance record and is always available to serve the organization.

Kimberly Lewis, CEO, Goodwill Inc. of East Texas: Quoted Remarks 

I’ve had always been an active participant in supporting others, be it church, youth sports, education or profession. However, I tended to shy away from assuming a leadership role. Shortly after joining the board I had an epiphany of sorts. I was touring the sheltered workshop portion of Commercial Services and saw the disabled consumers in our workshop performing tasks efficiently and proudly. They knew they were making a contribution and a difference; they were employed and proud! If they could do so much I knew I could as well. I was sold on Goodwill and its mission. I knew I wanted to be part of an organization that could make people feel that way. I wanted to bring that feeling to other members of the community, so when I was approached my first time on the board about becoming an officer I embraced it. Even now, on my second stint on the board, I am just as fervent and look forward to leading and doing what it takes to make Goodwill Industries of East Texas the best!