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Latest News: Graduate of the Year-2016 (Britney Scroggins)

Britney Scroggins came to Goodwill during her senior year of high school to take part in the Work Adjustment Training program. During her time in WAT, Britney developed the skills required to work in the customer service and retail industries. After graduating from the Work Adjustment Training program, Britney was transitioned into the Job Placement program. She learned how to build a resume, write a cover letter, search for jobs, conduct an interview and advocate for herself in the workplace.

When she first joined Goodwill, Britney was a very soft-spoken young woman who had never worked before. She loved fashion and spending time with her friends. Though quiet, Britney was upbeat and funny and was willing to work hard to master the skills she needed. She seemed like a typical teenage girl. Unless you really got to know her, you would never suspect that she was dealing with some very serious barriers in her personal life. These barriers threatened to derail the dreams that Britney hoped to achieve.

Britney’s high school years were very challenging. When I met her, she had little more than a few suitcases of clothing to her name. She was suffering the consequences of poor decisions made by those who were supposed to nurture and guide her into adulthood. She was not always safe. She did not always have a place to live. Often, she didn’t even have a way to get to school. The staff at Goodwill connected Britney with resources that would provide support for her as she addressed these barriers. Britney was highly motivated to succeed and made use of every resource available to her on her journey to becoming self-sufficient.

Since then, Britney has made tremendous progress. Because of her bravery, perseverance and a unquenchable desire to overcome adversity, she was able to graduate from Robert E. Lee in 2016. She secured a job with Times Square Cinema, where she consistently exceeds her employer’s expectations and is a valued member of the team. In a little over a month, she will have been there for one year. She has also been able to purchase her own car, which she uses to drive herself to work. Britney has also changed her career goals; instead of becoming a cosmetologist, she now wants to become a counselor, so that she can help others.


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