Kari Lindley

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Kari Lindley

Kari Lindley is often described by co-workers as a determined, hard-working person.  She is a wife and mother of three young children. She was hired May 2015 as a Junior Network and System Administrator at Goodwill.  She was known to the staff because she had worked as an intern from Tyler Junior College with Goodwill’s IT department several months earlier.

Kari had already experienced a good amount of success as a Pharmacy Tech, but her inquisitive mind led her to the world of technology, a field that is dominated by men.

Immediately, she stepped up to lead in countless projects, even if they seemed beyond her level of experience or knowledge.  So when the agency applied for grants to offer various levels of IT courses and certifications, it was Kari that researched the various models and got GoodTech Academy and GoodTech Services, up and running.

In 2018 Kari was awarded Goodwill of East Texas’ Edgar J. Helms Extra Mile Award for helping co-workers and students reach their goals.

When Walmart awarded Goodwill a grant to help upskill incumbent workers, Kari stepped forward again to improve her knowledge and skills. She applied and was accepted into the Leadership Tyler Program. She said that she wanted to acquire skills from the Leadership Tyler experience that would help her to become an effective communicator and motivational leader for the staff and students of GoodTech Academy.  “It is my goal to provide resources, coaching, and training for anyone interested in advancing their career and quality of life. For them to be successful, I need to be able to be a leader who can listen, understand, and communicate in a way that connects with the people who are coming to me for guidance,” she said.  

Leadership Tyler, a 7-month professional development program, provides an opportunity to network with professionals in the community.  Kari said it was an invaluable experience to her growth as a leader.  

Learning new skills is a passion for Kari and with the help from Walmart, she also began studying for the CompTIA Security+ exam.  She passed with flying colors in July. 

“I am always working towards opportunities to further skills for personal and professional development for myself and my team members.”