Celebrate Earth Day and Earth Week with Easy, Eco-friendly Activities

April 21, 2021

Contact: John Moore at John.moore@goodwilletx.com

Goodwill® Provides Tips to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle While Helping Others in Your Local Community

Tyler, TX — Earth Week is a great time to examine personal habits and think through ways to live more sustainably. Even small changes can make a big difference in reducing each person’s environmental footprint. Imagine the difference you can make by integrating these easy eco-friendly activities.

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Integrate Goodwill® This Earth Day: Clean out your closet and other storage areas in your home and donate the things you no longer need to Goodwill Industries of East Texas. Goodwill recovered the value in 4.6 billion pounds of people’s used goods, giving these items a second life. Shop at Goodwill stores to save on the natural resources needed to make new items. Remember to bring a reusable bag with you!

Be Earth Friendly at Home: Simple changes at home can be good for your quality of life. Consider using reusable cloth towels and napkins instead of paper — just toss them in with your laundry when needed. Use reusable containers, cups and straws whenever possible, and consider planting an indoor or outdoor garden as well. Having greenery indoors and outdoors brings life and color at home.

Save Energy: Do your research to save energy at home. Switch your devices to eco-friendly mode when those options are available. Unplug any electronics you don’t use regularly. And think of other small ways to save and reuse water at home to make a big difference for the planet.

“Embracing earth-friendly activities like donating to and shopping at Goodwill and simple changes at home can bring new life to our spaces and help our preserve our environment,” said Kimberly B. Lewis, President and CEO at Goodwill Industries of East Texas. “Begin simple shifts now and imagine the difference you’ll make by Earth Week next year.”

In 2020, Goodwill Industries of East Texas made a significant contribution to the region’s recycling efforts. Last year alone, Goodwill recycled 44 tons of cardboard, 36 tons of electronics, and 32 tons of paper.

When you support Goodwill, you are helping people earn jobs, advance their careers and care for their families. Visit www.GoodwillETX.com to learn about how Goodwill helps our local community.

About Goodwill Industries of East Texas:

It is the mission of Goodwill Industries of East Texas, Inc. to provide skills training and vocational opportunities for people with barriers to employment. Educational services for qualified participants include the Goodtech Academy, Career Assessments, Vocational Evaluations, Employment Services, Job Coaching Services, the Re-Entry Program, the A Second Chance for Her program, Youth Works, Supported Employment Services, Training Services, Work Adjustment Training, Vocational Adjustment Training, and Personal Social Adjustment Training.

Goodwill’s Commercial Services Division can provide workers for a business’ long-or-short needs, including assembly, packaging and repackaging, climate controlled production and storage space, and more.

Goodwill Industries of East Texas operates retail outlets throughout East Texas, including two stores in Tyler, and stores in Athens, Canton, Carthage, Cedar Creek/Mabank, Center, Gladewater, Henderson, Kilgore, Longview, Marshall, Mineola, Palestine, and Whitehouse.


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