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Kimberly Lewis

We are working diligently to engage the community and enhance our image. We have remodeled several of our locations and thought it was time for an updated website as well.  This is not your grandma’s Goodwill, it’s YOUR Goodwill!

Sure, our aim is the same, to put people to work.  You’ll still find great deals in our retail stores and welcoming staff at all of our locations.  But, what’s more, is that you’ll find an updated look in many of our stores, like our Goodwill store in Palestine, Kilgore, Center, and Whitehouse.

Goodwill is a place to find trends, opportunities and advancement from our retail stores, to our streamline light industry manufacturing and packing facility, to our services that provide training, job coaching and job placement to individuals in the 13 East Texas counties that we serve. It’s also a great place to do GOOD, by donating your gently used goods and making monetary donations.  Please visit our Donate Page for more information.

At Goodwill, we believe that every person has something to contribute.  We value second chances, service, diversity and inclusion, opportunity, loyalty, and friendliness.  We hold ourselves to a high level of transparency and accountability.  We’ve doubled our efforts to better engage the community in our work and invited area leaders in for a behind the scenes look at what we do and how we do it in scheduled events called The Real Goodwill Tours.  These tours highlight the success of our program participants and the awesome work that our committed staff does every day.  Our story is more than our stores, but there is a story in all of our stores.  With every donation, whether it’s a cash gift or a gently used blouse or a car, these donations fund the stories of our mission.

Warmest Regards,
Kimberly B. Lewis
President & CEO