Secure Shredding

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  1. Protection – Whether you are protecting customers or employees, shredding is a surefire way to destroy any personal information that is on documents at your business. Shredding said documents will protect you from any lawsuits if the information gets into the wrong hands.
  2. Environment – Shredding documents also allows you to have a positive impact on the environment. Most of what paper shredding companies destroy is then recycled and used to create something else.
  3. Saves you Money – If someone were to obtain your personal information you may find yourself paying a lot of money for something you did not buy. It so much cheaper to use a shredding service than paying thousands of dollars for something you did not buy.
  4. Lawful – In many cases you have to shred documents at your business that contains someone’s personal information. If you do not shred and destroy the documents you can face some large penalties.
  5. Convenience – Shredding really makes everything convenient. Whether you have your own shredder or use a company it is much easier. That way you do not have to carry boxes of papers to the trash.

Goodwill Secure Document Destruction

  • Member of NAID
  • $0.25 per pound
  • Will pick up large loads (500 pounds or more)

We offer secure document shredding services at competitive rates.  We will pick up your documents on-site, and complete a thorough and extensive secure document shredding process.

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